The FBI transferred Special Agent Tom Sellinger to its Atlanta Division for one reason: capture a seemingly-invisible bank robber known as the Ghost.


His robberies are all the same.  He has no gun; he makes no demands.  He wears a ski mask, yet customers and tellers walk around him without a glance as he empties the drawers of cash.  The only evidence left behind is his image on security footage, and a throng of people who swear no man like that ever entered the bank.


Tom isn't spooked by the man's unusual ability; he's tracked people like this before, people that the FBI designates as bleeders.


But Tom's personal and professional lives slam together when his best friend's wife Dani becomes the first and only eyewitness to one of the Ghost's robberies.  Now Tom's superiors want Dani to jeopardize her life and the lives of her family, without even telling her the risks.  As tom tries to protect her from the dangers, he must also be cautious: He can't let Dani discover the real reason why a man can seem invisible, why only she can see the Ghost, or why Tom's taskforce may be the biggest threat to her of all.

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"What would it take to make a good guy rob a bank?  And what would a good FBI agent do when the bank robber shows more patriotism and courage than the agent's own task force?


"Special abilities don't mask our humanity; they reveal it." 

- Jim Franz